How the ‘Ayo’ Video epitomizes the Pollution of Popular Culture


Whispers of a Womanist

As heartthrobs, the male celebrity has an unstated ability to shape the self esteem of the females who adore him. This is an elevated ability silently extended to the black male celebrity and an opportunity that is often taken to uplift the “light skinned,” “mixed” or non black “exotic” woman.  With this being said, Chris Brown, as the heartthrob he’s been for over ten years, has much more influence than rapper Tyga who is also featured on the song. For that reason, Brown will be the primary focus of this piece. Screen-Shot-2015-02-03-at-10.43.45-AM

Lost Love for a Lyric 

At the risk of getting ridiculed I will admit to being a fan of Chris Brown. Ever since seeing him perform/speak at Pace University as a seventeen year old high school student, I’ve been a fan of his talent. Unlike most of the world, Chris’ shenanigans and behavior haven’t blinded me from his musical…

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